Conversation 3. Exploring the local area

This session is about sharing what you have found out about the local business environment in your local area. What is your relevant local area? Did you find many competitors for your business idea? What are the advantages and disadvantages of what you found?

Get ready

To get ready you will have taken a careful look at your local area and come to this meeting ready to tell or show the group more about it.

During the meeting

The main part of this step is to think of a business that you could start that fits your skills and experience (Step 2), and your local area and then to be able to tell people about it.

Complete your ePortfolio.

After the Meeting

Carry out the meetings with the contacts that you planned in this session.

Further information


To get the badge for this step you need to complete the reflections and the assignment in the ePortfolio: conversation 3.

Local area

Extra learning material “level 2 students”

Link to video: Why is it a good idea to look at trends outside your company

M9C – Conversation 3

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