Video interview prompts

We suggest that facilitators produce their own local case study of a refugee business.

Facilitators can use one of the partner videos as a case study or record their own. These are real-life stories of refugee or immigrant businesses in the area local to where the programme is being offered.  

These are possible questions. Choose the most relevant to get an informative 2-4 minute video. 

  • What made you decide to start a business in your new country?  Did you have experience of running a business before? 
  • Was it in the same sector or did you try something new? Was it successful? 
  • How did you find out the relevant rules and regulations? 
  • What was your biggest challenge in running or starting your business? 
  • Would you recommend starting a business in this country? Why or why not? 
  • What advice would you give to an immigrant starting a business in this country? 
  • How important was it to be able to understand the language, culture and traditions of this country in running your business? 
  • Did you notice that you had to adapt to the local culture in some ways? Can you tell us more? 

As a closing scene of the video or in the video notes (for example when posted in YouTube) add information about the immigrant: Name, Country, Age, Education, Business name