ePortfolio conversation 8: what have you learned?

In your ePortfolio you should now add some reflections and answer the assignment presented below related to step 8: Telling your business story. Access to the ePortfolio will be given to you by your course provider. Only “level 2-students” will do the last assignment.


  • Describe something you learned in this session.
  • Describe something that puzzled you in this session.
  • Describe something that one of your group colleagues did or said that you found helpful.
  • Describe something you want to find out more about as a result of today’s session.
  • How could the session be improved? Consider telling the facilitator.
  • What progress have you made on your personal BMC?
  • How are you meeting your SMART goal?

Assignment: Telling your business story

In this assignment you should:

  • Create a storyboard for your elevator pitch presentation.  
  • added a reflective entry to the ePortfolio that addresses at least one of the prompt questions in the reflections.

Level 2 Video assignment: Why will the Business Model help us “tell the story” of the business?

Reflect on who you need to present/sell the business to, and what you need to focus on in your presentation/business model to succeed with the presentation. Reflect briefly on why it might be difficult to use the same presentation to get a loan from a bank and to get money from a potential investor. 

Aim to write 300-750 words.

Video link