ePortfolio conversation 4: what have you learned?


In your ePortfolio you should now add some reflections and answer the assignment presented below related to step 4: Value Proposition. Access to the ePortfolio will be given to you by your course provider. Only “level 2-students” will do the last assignment.


  • Describe something you learned in this session.
  • Describe something that puzzled you in this session.
  • Describe something that one of your group colleagues did or said that you found helpful.
  • Describe something you want to find out more about as a result of today’s session.
  • How could the session be improved? Consider telling the facilitator.
  • What progress have you made on your personal BMC?
  • How are you meeting your SMART goal?

Assignment: Value Proposition

In this assignment you should:

  • complete a value proposition canvas  
  • add a brief version of the VPC to your BMC template  
  • complete the customer segment section of their BMC  
  • added a reflective entry to the ePortefolio that addresses at least one of the prompt questions in the reflections.

Level 2 Video assignment: Why should the customer be in focus and not the “product”?

Reflect on what value proposition (VP) your target customers will expect. Do not just focus on the VPs you already have planned to deliver.

Aim to write 300-750 words.

Video link